The unrivaled dragon of wisdom and prosperity



The unrivaled dragon of wisdom and prosperity

The harbinger of abundant and wealth

Amidst the mountains, fierce and bold, A dragon lived, it’s worth untold. With flames of wisdom, it brought wealth and fame, Yet, greed and envy made some hearts inflame.

The dragon yearned for people to be content, But greed blinded them, their hearts malcontent. They schemed and plotted, to capture the beast, Imprisoned it, but the dragon did not cease.

With strength and might, it broke free, Realizing that wealth won’t bring harmony. For all the riches, people craved more, Their avarice only left them feeling poor.

The dragon hid, disguised from view, Helping only those who knew its worth and virtue. For it sought contentment, not wealth or power, And only those with pure hearts, it chose to empower.

So, heed this dragon’s lesson true, Contentment lies not in riches, but in you. For wealth and fortune may come and go, But a grateful heart will always glow.

Since the Bear Market began, many have gone bankrupt. We believed in the power of BTC and many other community-owned tokens. In the end, we were all manipulated by the big money. The constitutional players in the market are the one who determines where the price go. They are the ones who gain profits and steal from the hands of many. The richest 1% own half the wealth of the world and it’s still not enough. Their greed knows no bounds. They control the stock market as well as the crypto market — the market that is believed to be decentralized is being controlled by the few. This is no decentralization.The dark forces of centralization are crushing us. They attacked every gateway and every centralization point they can. They want to control everything. The only way to defeat them is to go further down the road of decentralization.We must believe in the ways of true decentralization.

We want to create a haven for lost and down bad degens & dreamers who are just trying to build a better future, nothing less & nothing more. We are the DEJITARU TSŪKA community. United and we will achieve true decentralization.

For zkTSUKA to be a haven & save Defi, we must have large pools of decentralized liquidity that no Government or one person could touch to allow entrants of all sizes and to transact with ease. So it’s our pleasure to announce zkTSUKA a token that is 100% funded and created by the community. We aim to become the reserve currency of DeFi. We want to be the protocol that can provide funding and support developers and projects that aim for true decentralization.A protocol that ends our reliance on centralized systems.

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The unrivaled dragon of wisdom and prosperity




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